Friday, October 8, 2010

Near death experience

It is possible that my husband had a few near death experiences, which would account for some of the mystical visions that he had from 1974 until his death in 1982.

I do know for a fact that I have had a few near death experiences.  The first time was in the winter of 1958, either January of February.  I can't give the exact date because I was only three years old at the time. 

Mom had left me asleep in a strange  bed, not my own.  She was in the kitchen with a friend, and I was in the den by myself. 

Suddenly, I found myself in a room filled with light, and surrounded by people who loved me intensely and unconditionally.  I seemed to know these people, even though they did not exist in my life on Earth.  I wanted to stay there forever, but they told me that I had to come back, that I still had things to do.  One of them shoved my shoulder, and then I woke up in bed. 

I had fallen asleep lying on my back, but I woke up lying on my side -- good thing, too, since the contents of my stomach had come up, and if I had been lying on my back, I might have choked to death.  I believe that the man who shoved me had rolled me over, so I would not choke. 



  1. That was nice to read, it makes me think of many reflections on things in my past and what I've heard from others. I would enjoy hearing about any other near death experiences you've experienced. I do not think I have had any specific experiences of near death myself, but I believe they are like a fast track to lucidity or awareness. The unconditional love you described has been spoken of by people who have endured powerful meditative experiences or experiences of sensory deprivation. Near Death, or as it may be closely aligned with: the loss or loosening of one's hardened ego, can fast track thoughts, hallucinations, realizations that otherwise may have required many years to understand. I must admit that my experiences, the few, with hallucinogenic drugs have made me feel powerful feelings of love and a loss of my own engrained subjective perceptions. One of those experiences involved, for a short while, a very bright and distinct pink light in my field of vision (this happened during the night). Also, while dreaming intensely, I have become briefly lucid and felt a glimpse of understanding death (that which can never fully be understood) and then awoke in much pain and stress. Anyway, I thought I'd share my perspective on near death and its relationship to elucidation in the brain. Thanks.

  2. thanks, Alek -- your comment is very interesting


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