Monday, March 4, 2013

Update March 2013

Well, I've been busy lately.  Hosted two shows on Freedomizer Radio, issued two new novels (actually, they are updates of two old novels -- Origins has become Fallen Angels, and another novel, which shall remain unnamed, has become The Darkening of the Light -- both are considerably longer than the original works).

Last July I broke my leg and tore the ligaments in my knee.  The arthritis is getting bad, making it hard to type.  The degenerative disk disease is making my back so bad that I'm seriously considering a wheelchair.

But, hey, I'm still here and still writing!

The sun is starting to shine on my garden, so it's time to take the little plants out of the window and plant them outside, as soon as I'm certain that it isn't going to snow again.

Life is good, as long as you remains strong!


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