Thursday, February 11, 2016

A little help, please

Things are looking up for March 2016, but first I need to get through February. I have huge winter heating bills, and the program that helps with those bills hasn't been funded yet. Winter is no joke up here on the mountain. We get snow, and temperatures regularly fall below freezing.

I've been writing articles f
or eBay, and they are reliable, but it takes them a month to pay. This means that I'll get paid in March, but I'm already behind on my January utility bills.

Cal State Fullerton has invited me to sit on a panel at their Philip K. Dick conference at the end of April, and I plan to accept. I don't drive (I quit driving due to a serious head injury a few years ago), but a friend has agreed to drive me to my brother's house, and then my brother can drive to Fullerton.

My friends and family have helped as much as they can, so I just need a little more money to pay those bills.  I'm about $100 short.

If you can spare a dollar, please send it by Paypal to

or mail it to

Tessa Dick
PO Box 1942
Crestline, California 92325

Prayers and good wishes are also quite welcome.

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