Saturday, May 9, 2009

Anthony Peake's Theory

Anthony Peake, author of Is There Life After Death? has developed a theory about experiences such as Phil's pink light visions.

In Cheating the Ferryman, his latest work-in-progress, he posits that the two sides of our brain represent two separate persons, the earth-bound being and the spirit being. He terms the earth-bound being the "Eidolon" and the spirit being the "Daemon", following classical philosophy, primarily that of the ancient Greeks.

He proposes that when people experience deja vu, they are actually remembering the future. All of history has already happened, past and future, and time is an illusion, a mental construct that allows us to experience this world.

For more information, you can check out his forum:

It's very interesting.

~~ Tessa Dick


  1. Tessa,

    Thank you so much for mentioning my work here. The theory is, indeed, called "Cheating The Ferryman". This would have been the title of my first book, "Is There Life After Death - The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When You Die", but my publishers felt that the latter title was less obscure.

    My second book, "The Daemon - a Guide To Your Extraordinarysecret Self" was published in the UK and Europe in September. In the USA and Canada it is available on Amazon etc but only as an import. The book, however, is available directly from my website (

    In this I discuss Phil and his life-long experiences that culminated in his "Theophany" of March 1974 onwards.

    I wish that I had been in contact with you before I wrote this section as I am sure that you could have corrected any errors of fact that I may have innocently written and possibly supplied me with some personal anecdotes that may (or may not) have supported my CTF theory.

    I have ordered your latest book and I cannot wait to read it.

  2. Tony, thank you so much for stopping by!

    It seems that a few errors have crept into the source material that you read, but they are minor and do not affect the validity of your theory.

    I suppose that I could spend the rest of my life trying to correct the details in the various biographies, but the big picture remains intact.

    ~~ Tessa

  3. Tessa,

    As well as being delighted to make contact with you I also feel that it is of great importance that the information I use is as accurate as possible. I therefore thank you for the corrections and clarifications that you have already sent to me.

    These all help me get an idea of a man I have so long admired.


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